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I am married with five children and I have a fuck buddy on the side. My entire relationship is on the line but sometimes I do not know where to turn. My buddy lives a couple of miles away and my home life is pleasant except for the arguments. I can always run to him and get comfort and easiness.

Many times I have to sneak like I am working or going out shopping to meet my friend. It can be at a grocery store, parking lot, casino, church and so on. My secrets will never be told! All I do is get yelled at all day everyday over the littlest of things.

My outcome to all of this is to try and resolve my problems at home at somehow get on with my life. I feel like a prisoner in my own home! If we could resolve many issues in our life I can say that definitely it would be much better.

Mom & Grandma’s House

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My neighbors across the street always have something crazy going on at their house. It is the mom, daughter and son and the traffic in and out of that place is nuts. Their kids are always running around the neighborhood during all hours of the night. I wonder if they even ever have to check in, I do not allow my two children to play with them.

I found out last week that both the mother and the daughter work for the London escorts agency. That explains all the people in and out of the house day and night. Gentleman of all ages from young to old. Many times you will not see anyone there for days and other days you will see five to ten people at the house. I feel so sorry for the children and hopefully they do not know what mom and grandma are up to.

Being Unemployed to Employed

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“The London escort jobs list is inaccurate, I am not seeing the type of job I could qualify for based on my experience and education”, said Kelsey. Kelsey is my friend who is currently unemployed, however she is looking to become employed and better her life. My friend Kelsey has not had a job for over a few years now, and she is feeling as if she is just letting her life split on by. Since Kelsey is unemployed and out of the loop when it comes to applying, she comes to me for help. We write out a list of her past jobs, her qualifications, along with her education and special skills. Then we create a resume and go out to get applications. Once the applications are filled out, she turns them in, a few days later Kelsey ends up getting a job at a dentist office.

Surprise massage for my husband

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Wanting to try something new with my husband to spice up our love life, I decided to surprise him with a Nuru Gel erotic massage. Known all over Asia for erotic full body massages I had been reading some information about it and learned that the gel is made just for erotic massages. Before he came in from work, I lit candles all over the room and slide into something barely there, laying a soft towel on the bed and turning on low jazz music. He was very surprised when he walked into the room and agreed to strip and lay down on the towel. He said the gel was cool and relaxing at first. It felt very slippery as I massaged him. Once I was done with his full body from the neck down to his toes my shag buddy was excited and he had his turn giving me a full body rub down.

A Little Bit Ashamed

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I cannot believe what happened last night. I went out with my sister and we ended up spending the night at some random guys house. At first I remember going to a restaurant together and having dinner before we hit the club. Around midnight is when I started to lose memory of what happened. Apparently we met up with two guys from the Nottingham escort agency shortly after midnight. After we met with them we chilled at the club for the last hour it was open and then headed back to their place. This morning when me and my sister woke up we looked at each other and ran out of the house laughing. We could not believe what we had done and we couldn’t help but feel a little bit ashamed.

Finally Deserve Something

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My last three days have consisted of nothing but work, food and keeping my eyes wide open at all times. This week at work I have given the task to set up a slide show for potential clients. I have to have the slides done by tomorrow and it looks like I am just going to make it! I have been literally working like a dog all week long and I am ready to do this presentation and have a nice long six day vacation! I have already made plans to meet up with Sheffield escorts as well as a few other friends of mine. I have never really felt to deserving of anything, but with all the work that I have put into this project, I really think I deserved this little break away from the work world.